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Our chartered and expertise professionals give a comprehensive and wide range of Quantity Surveying services to the Clients from Inception to completion of the project. With a team of dedicated service excellence and a sincere professional commitment, you can ENJOY THE PEACE OF MIND, the moment you appoint Al Rayyan Consultancy as your Quantity Surveyor.

  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities based on agreed method of measurements through drawings and specifications of the contract.
  • Preparation of tender documentation that comprises of the following will be issued to the Lead Consultant/Client for compiling/issuing tender package for tendering.
  1. Invitation to tender: form of acknowledgement, confidentiality undertaking,
  2. Volume I- Conditions of Contract: Instruction to tenderers (ITT), form of Agreement, Forms of Bonds, appendix to tender, the agreement, general and particular Conditions of Contract, schedules
  3. Volume II- Specifications, Appendices
  4. Volume III -Pricing preambles and Bills of Quantities(BOQ).
  5. Volume IV- Drawings.
  • Prepare priced BOQ (Fair Price estimate), prior to receiving tender packages.
  • Tender stage assistance with tender queries and circulars including preparation of Tender Addendum’s related to Conditions of Contract and Bills of Quantities.
  • Prepare detailed commercial tender evaluation reports (Tender analysis report) on the tenders received and advise to clients the commercial compliance of bidders for the project.
  • Draft Letters of award for issuance by the Client.
  • Review proposed contract documents and notices of award to ensure conformity with tender. Compile all relevant tender, contract documents for final sign up
  • Assist Lead Consultant/Client in their negotiations with the various contractors and/or suppliers.


Project cost auditing is to give clients a real time datum of costs involved and forecasted impacts the risks to the projects. Our expertise team of professionals take this opportunity to verify in depth of the details and provide proper status and corrective measure to the distressed clients.

  • Evaluate the deliverables are met as per the clients cost allocations and ensure Clients project objectives are met.
  • Project costs re-conciliation while despaired projects needed untraceable expenditures and generates appropriates mechanism of tracking of costs.
  • Propose and implement alternative methods of evaluating existing site conditions based on site survey.
  • Identify project risks that caused budget constrains to the business.
  • Re-evaluate the project stakeholder’s positions in terms of payables, claims, scopes and disputes.
  • Prepare reports to clients and advise the outcomes of the audit in order to enhance the project cost performance. This includes appropriates expenditure of resources and budget allocations to the project, identify priorities, corrective measures, preventive actions that helps to prevent future recurrence of similar issues and to provide successful project outcome.


The building survey is to provide the clients about a project’s current status of Work done while abandoning or termination or dispute on hold projects. We provide real-time datum of accomplished progress of the Works and our team able to convey the client the forecasted outcome of the project.

  • Collect details of scopes that are obligated and fulfilled by the stakeholders of the project and assess cost involvement of the obligations fulfilled.
  • Prepare comprehensive assessment of costs for the work done. Prepare a BOQ, if necessary, if the Bills of Quantity was not available.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report on the status of the project costs at the time of termination or abandonment that would give a sense of the project to the clients.


We have a proven track record of saving our clients time and money, while preserving project quality through our proactive approach to cost management. We plan, control and manage project costs from inception to successful completion.


  • Initiate Budgets and prepare preliminary estimates for client based on the planning information from Client’s/Lead Consultants brief for the whole development.
  • Develop formats for presentation of future cost estimates throughout design stages (Appraisal, Concept, Schematic and Detailed Design stages) for Lead Consultant/Client approval.
  • Prepare costs targets and closely monitor and advise on every stage of project development to ensure approved target construction Budget is met.
  • Prepare costs reports of every stage of design development.
  • Advise to Client in every stages of project development about the cost.
  • Prepare Pre-Tender Estimates based on the design proposals.


Claims and disputes are an intrinsic part of construction and often considered to be a daily distinctive of the construction industry.  Construction claims and disputes occur frequently, affecting job sites, projects, schedules, workers, and employers.

We, understand it and, therefore, offer an experienced, highly-skilled claim specialist services to the client, while a project stakeholders are frustrated on the project.

Construction Contract claims are complex in nature and require a detailed knowledge of the industry, the Contract documents and the Facts. This is where ARC can help.

  • Fact Finding Report: Review in detail of the dispute in line with contract documents and compliance with project specification, assess, verify contractual grounds and monetary entitlement of a stakeholders of the project for the disputes.
  • Provide third party, impartial peer review for the concerned dispute that in line with law of the land and contract agreement.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of these factors enables us to prepare a robust claim submission. This knowledge is invaluable in the counter claim, defense, counter defense submissions and negotiation of a claim. We stand on our review based on;
  • Contractual analysis
  • Quantum analysis
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Critical path analysis
  • Change analysis
  • Retrospective delay analysis
  • Presentation and negotiation of the claim
  • Assist lawyers to for the proceedings of Arbitration and litigation and associated hearings while providing advise and compilation of documents.
  • Assist in agreement on settlements in terms of monetary disputes and prepare supplemental agreements (SA’s), memorandum of understanding (MOU’s), and amendments to the contracts.


Contract administration comprises the decisions making and timely flow of information to enable accomplishment of the project, as stated in the contract documents, which includes the examination and review of the project.

Our well experienced contract administrator’s/quantity surveyor’s ready to fulfill your project requirement in post contract stage on full/part time basis.


  • Administrate variations including contractual entitlement of variations and value variations in accordance with Contract.
  • Prepare Request for Changes (RFC’s), value the variations and obtain approval from Client/Lead Consultant.
  • Evaluate the Contractor’s Submission Variations and provide approval in compliance with clients change management procedures.
  • Update client from time to time on frequent changes to the project.


  • Verify advance, interim and Final payment applications received from the Contractor, evaluate as necessary and make recommendations for payments to the Employer for payment purposes.
  • Verify priced statements submitted by the Contractor in respect of any work carried out on a day work basis with substantiation and advise client appropriately.
  • Deal with notices of the project including but not limited to claim notices, delay notices, change notices and any other notices in accordance with the contract.


  • Commercial content review of Contractors submission of Bonds, guarantees and insurances and monitor in accordance with Contract.


  • Advise client from time to time on commercial performance of the project through Project Financial Report


  • Prepare final accounts incorporating all re-measurements (if any), variations, increased cost allowances, value of all claims.
  • Ensure all recoveries are adjusted as necessary in accordance with the Contract.
  • Issue final payment certificate in accordance with the Contract.


ARC satisfy with its Clients providing effective risk management procedure, which associated with robust risk assessment and effective risk mitigation procedures.

ARC shall have engaged themselves as part of Clients construction team, and are able to quantify risks in terms of effect, likelihood and cost. Further we provide the strategies by which to mitigate those risks.

Our vast expertise enables us to provide insight look up and advice accordingly, including in relation to risks arising from the unknown, intangible, and unforeseen.


ARC assist Client/Consultant to obtain (out sourced) any types of specification as per project requirements whether it can be normal building projects or special landmark project.

Services – Al-Rayyan Cost